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US-5781197-A: Method for maintaining contiguous texture memory for cache coherency patent, US-6112777-A: Process for bulk handling elastomeric materials via temperature control patent, US-6176867-B1: Multi-size reusable aortic punch patent, US-6201904-B1: Optical demultiplex circuit patent, US-6230184-B1: Method and apparatus for automatically optimizing execution of a computer program patent, US-6308306-B1: Delay route searching method and apparatus for logical circuits, and machine-readable recording medium recording program thereon patent, US-6349897-B1: Device in winding of a web patent, US-6382033-B1: Sound damper for ultrasonic waves patent, US-6394015-B1: Boat collision avoidance system using blasts of water patent, US-6394173-B2: Hanging for a roller blind with lateral guidance patent, US-6540941-B2: Green phosphor for fluorescent display and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-6672915-B2: Connector for motor patent, US-3927991-A: Wear-resistant sliding member patent, US-3968039-A: Filter press patent, US-4053753-A: Electronic calculator with function keys patent, US-4078758-A: Rear view mirror for automotive vehicles patent, US-4092831-A: Roof bar for surface support elements patent, US-4130021-A: Ultrasonic sector scanning search unit patent, US-4136920-A: Wire clamping element patent, US-4175434-A: Compound meter assembly patent, US-4206888-A: Tension reliever for seat belt retractor patent, US-4208831-A: Driving simulator toy patent, US-4211223-A: Pulsed oxygen chamber patent, US-4420915-A: Large-panel concrete wall bearing components patent, US-4499292-A: 7-Oxabicycloheptane prostaglandin intermediates and method for preparing same patent, US-4516814-A: Coupling device patent, US-4529124-A: Device for dispensing of volatile substance and method for making the device patent, US-4568830-A: Borehole gamma ray logging detector patent, US-4633671-A: Exhaust gas driven supercharger for supercharging internal combustion engines patent, US-4724631-A: Mobile fish net buoy top patent, US-4884446-A: Solid state vibrating gyro patent, US-4894680-A: Image recording apparatus patent, US-4896263-A: Multi-microcomputer system patent, US-5180841-A: Preparation of 1-amino-2-chloro-4-hydroxyanthraquinone patent, US-5256911-A: Neural network with multiplexed snyaptic processing patent, US-5275120-A: Strum-suppressant cable for towed arrays patent, US-5303004-A: Apparatus for driving image bearing member via torque limiter patent, US-5344937-A: Alkyl substituted nitroimidazole acetic acids patent, US-5450151-A: Display device having indicator patent, US-5850670-A: Adjustable leader pin bushing for plastic mold patent, US-6075164-A: Alkylation of amino acids patent, US-6082182-A: Apparatus for measuring the flow rate due to a leak in a pressurized pipe system patent, US-6085959-A: Nailer magazine with blocking device patent, US-6126275-A: Recording electrode body, method of manufacturing a recording electrode body, and image forming apparatus using a recording electrode body patent, US-6170072-B1: Logic circuit verification apparatus and method for semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-6182131-B1: Data processing system, method, and program product for automating account creation in a network patent, US-6191839-B1: Patterned thermal sensor patent, US-6234982-B1: Apparatus and method for assessment and feedback training of step width coordination patent, US-6236595-B1: Programming method for a memory cell patent, US-6491363-B1: Recording device patent, US-6563787-B1: Method and apparatus for providing data flow control of a transmission port patent, US-6660583-B2: Process for producing activated carbon for electrode of electric double-layer capacitor, and carbon material patent, US-6670977-B2: Image-recording method and image-recording system patent, US-3817316-A: Apparatus for introducing a launching rope in a continuous casting installation for metal patent, US-3851639-A: Portable combination cooking apparatus and method patent, US-3894228-A: Light control device patent, US-3895612-A: Light activated sequential switching mechanism patent, US-4072425-A: Method of indicating the relative roughness of a surface patent, US-4136703-A: Atrial lead and method of inserting same patent, US-4141656-A: Method and apparatus for wetting and mixing dry powders or particles with a wetting agent patent, US-4168105-A: Resiliently loaded coupling ring patent, US-4275749-A: Electrically driven continuous tooth brush patent, US-4337741-A: Rotary internal combustion engine patent, US-4390190-A: Steering stabilizer structure for the front wheels of a vehicle patent, US-4495053-A: Replaceable junctions for reference electrodes patent, US-4521402-A: Constant release rate solid oral dosage formulations of hydrazine patent, US-4546929-A: Rotary cutting tool, particularly for comminuting plastic material patent, US-4585007-A: Method for continuously measuring a specified ingredient in a diluted liquid patent, US-4701036-A: Triple view mirror system patent, US-4710307-A: Pickling agent patent, US-4775852-A: Apparatus for compensating digital to analog converter errors patent, US-4797526-A: Method for wire-cut electric discharge machining utilizing adjoining segments of a common electrode patent, US-4812378-A: Electrostatographic toners and developers containing charge-control agents patent, US-5055487-A: Novel anti-fungal compounds patent, US-5117994-A: Variable-flow feeder patent, US-5154130-A: Multi-needle double lock chain stitch tack, jump and thread trimming quilting method and apparatus patent, US-5324352-A: Non-aqueous patching mix and method patent, US-5377324-A: Exclusive shared storage control system in computer system patent, US-5382717-A: Process of controlling the rate at which used catalyst is recycled to hydrogenating means for preparing fatty alcohols from fatty acid derivatives patent, US-5841057-A: Method and apparatus for liquid injection to reduce gun barrel erosion patent, US-5946742-A: Truck urine reservoir patent, US-5952583-A: Method of measuring a river horizontal average flow velocity patent, US-5988578-A: Roof mounted support bracket patent, US-5991023-A: Method of interpreting spectrometric data patent, US-6002917-A: Reference channel maintenance method for a wide area paging system patent, US-6168052-B1: Electrically operated cartridge dispensing appliance patent, US-6199209-B1: Glove or mitt patent, US-6227138-B1: System for anchoring ships patent, US-6287027-B1: Image correction system for image printing apparatus using multihead patent, US-6330717-B1: Process and system for developing an application program for a distributed adaptive run-time platform patent, US-6443633-B1: Optical device package patent, US-6513114-B1: System and methods for providing selectable initialization sequences patent, US-6564360-B2: Static timing analysis method for a circuit using generated clock patent, US-6604678-B2: Card reader with feed rollers mounted on pivot arms patent, US-6604741-B1: Split card feature during continued play of blackjack patent, US-6614832-B1: Method of determining electrode length and bath level in an electric arc furnace patent, US-6655780-B2: Cleaning control method for recording head, cleaning controller performing the method, and recorder incorporating the cleaning controller patent, US-6758681-B2: Electrical cable interconnections for reduced impedance mismatches patent, US-3834207-A: Method and apparatus for forming an accurately dimensioned metal strip having varying thickness patent, US-3857956-A: Insecticidal compositions and methods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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